To start gaining experience with Parsec and Haskell I completed the first working version of a parser for SmallTalk’s version of ‘Hello World’. To follow up I decided it would be worthwhile getting advice on those parts that just didn’t feel right. Off to Haskell Cafe I went.

I had only heard good things about the Haskell community, and after my experience I have nothing to say to the contrary. My post and the follow up responses can be found here. Thanks to all those that responded.

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First go with Parsec

June 19, 2007

Parsec is a library I’ve been interested in trying out seriously since I discovered it. I have written basic parsers for Java projects before and it has not been fun. The Parsec examples I’ve seen have captured my interest. So, now that I’ve decided I’d like to start a decent sized Haskell project I looked for something where Parsec would be involved.

This post describes the result of my first attempts at using the Parsec library for something semi serious. It’s not intended as a tutorial or introduction to Parsec, but to show how simple and straight forward it can be to use.

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June 16, 2007

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging. You can find a little bit about me here.

I have no set theme or agenda for the blog, so I will just blog about whatever takes my fancy at the time. Mostly this will be software development related, such as something interesting I’ve come across while working on a project. I am a Java developer by profession, and currently Haskell is my favorite language in my free time, so most likely I’ll blog about one of those languages.
Of course, as this is my first attempt at blogging, I offer no guarantee about the quality or regularity of content, but I still hope someone enjoys reading.